International Cooperation

The university faces the world by academic exchange and cooperation with over 20 universities and institutions from over 10 countries including United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Australia, Netherland, Austria, Belgium, Japan and etc., and have established relations of talent development, academic exchange and scientific research cooperation with fruitful results, specifically through the implementation of "World Famous Scientists Lecturing in Hubei", "Thousands of Foreign Experts Cultivating Program", "Introduction of Foreign Technology & Management Skill Project", etc. Addition to that, the university also invited foreign experts and international renowned scholars to give lectures, carry out scientific research cooperation and convened international seminars.

The university attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation; make full use of both international and domestic educational resources; learn from foreign advanced educational concepts and teaching experience; continuously improve the level of Chinese-foreign cooperation; attract the world's high-level experts to engage in teaching and research; introduce overseas high-end talent and academic team to work in the university; in line with the international convention; conventions gradually enhance the influence of the university's international status, and keep making great efforts to construct a domestically well known multiversity with distinctive characterúČand some disciplines having great impact in the world.

Approved by the Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China and Hubei Provincial Department of Education, our university launched a Chinese-foreign cooperated education program and exchange programs with many foreign universities to promote the internationalization of personnel training. At present, the university has carried out Chinese-foreign cooperated education program and exchange program with the Technical University of Munich, Teesside University, San Francisco State University, Southern Utah University, University of South Australia, Deakin University, The Hague University, etc. Each year, our students go to the overseas universities to pursue undergraduate or master's degree. Students from foreign universities have also come to our university for exchange programs. The university and foreign partner universities jointly develop education scheme, teaching plans and syllabus. The mutual recognition of credits allows the students whose academic achievement meet the requirements of both domestic and foreign university to obtain the relevant diploma and degree certificates awarded by both universities, which provide students with an international platform for future study abroad.

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