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Location:Wuhan Polytechnic University (WHPU) is located at Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province and known as í░A Major Juncture of Nine Provincesí▒. The campus is adjacent to Chang Qing Garden Community and Jin Yin Lake with beautiful landscape. In north, WHPU is close to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport and is 13km away from the Airport; in south, WHPU faces Hankou Railway Station and the coach bus station, and the distance is only 10km. Thus, WHPU has superior and convenient traffic conditions.

History:WHPU was founded in 1951 and is one of higher education universities approved by Chinese government.

Facilities and academic strength:Presently, WHPU owns a schooling area of 846000m2, the building area of school houses is more than 500000m2. WHPU consists of 17 schools/departments, owns 54 undergraduate majors, 8 master programs of class-I discipline, 43 master programs of class-II discipline, 9 fields authorized to confer professional master degree and 3 disciplines authorized to confer doctor degree under initialization and construction. WHPU owns more than 1300 teachers and employees, including more than 800 full-time teachers, a lot of experts, scholars and academicians well-known at home and abroad who act as full-time or part-time professors. There are more than 20000 undergraduate, college, postgraduate and further education students. There are modern library, information network center, stadium, football court, athletic field, gym and other sports facilities for domestic and foreign teachers and students.

Extensive overseas exchange:WHPU faces the world and makes academic communication and cooperation with more than 20 universities in more than ten countries, such as USA, Germany, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Japan and so on, and establishes relationship of talent fostering, academic communication and scientific research cooperation with these universities. In addition, WHPU also carries out students exchange fostering cooperation project with some universities in UK, Australia, Netherlands and etc.

Programmes and Courses

Chinese language training courses of different term: Chinese language training, Modern Chinese, Communication and eloquence, Introduction to journalism, Chinese traditional opera, Folk culture and art. Film and television literature

Optional courses: Tai ji, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Marshal arts, Sprots dancing, Rhythmic Gymnastics,

Majors for short-term advanced study students and undergraduate students:

A) Literature and Arts:Chinese literature, advertising, artistic design, animation

B) Engineering Science:Electronic information science and technology, microelectronics, electrical engineering and automation, automation, electronic information engineering, communication engineering, computer science and technology, software engineering, internet engineering, digital media technology, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, material molding and control engineering, industrial design, process equipment and control engineering, packaging engineering, architecture, water supply and sewage engineering, civil engineering, traffic engineering, engineering management, food science and engineering, food quality and safety, food engineering, biological engineering, material chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, environmental science, environmental engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, information management and information system

C) Science and Medicine:Information and computer science, bioscience, biotechnology, applied chemistry, rehabilitation therapeutics, nursing, pharmaceutical preparations

D) Economics and Management Science:International economy and trade, finance, tourism management, administrative management, logistics management, business administration, marketing, accounting, tourism management, cultural industry management

E) Agronomy:Animal biotechnology, animal science, aquaculture science and etc.

Programme for Masterí»s Degree

Admission Guide

Application qualification

1. Chinese language and culture programme:

Short term Chinese language training courses:Above 16 years old, well-behaved, in good physical conditions

Undergraduate programme:Educational background of or above high school, well-behaved, in good physical conditions

2. Short-term advanced study /undergraduate /postgraduate students:The applicants shall be students with educational background of or above senior middle school or university graduates, obtain HSK certificate of class-6 or above and in good physical conditions. After submitting application and approval from WHPU, the applicant can enroll in the related courses lectured in Chinese. When the student checks in at WHPU, if he/she cannot study the major with Chinese, WHPU will arrange him/her to take Chinese training courses for one year firstly. When the student passes HSK and obtains HSK certificate of class-6 or above, he/she can start major study; after learning Chinese for one year, if the student fails to pass HSK, the student shall continue to take Chinese training courses. WHPU can exempt Chinese language trainee fee for one year maximum, not including accommodation fee.

Application Requirements

A.Application date: 1st February to 30th June

B.Application documents:

1. The Admission Application Form for Foreign Students of WHPU, the form can be downloaded from the website:http://www.whpu.edu.cn/en/page/exchange/is.htm. Please print out the complete filled form, sign and with photo attached;

2. Original copy of final diploma or duplicate after being notarized. For texts not in Chinese and English, English or Chinese translation with notarization should be provided;

3. Original copy of academic transcript or duplicate after being notarized. For texts not in Chinese and English, English or Chinese translation with notarization should be provided;

4. Photocopy of passport.

Note: í˝ According to the requirements of the program applied, WHPU may require the students to submit other documents.

í˝ Whether being enrolled or not, the materials requested above will not be returned.

Please post the application materials to the following address, or send the scanned copy of materials to the following E-mail.

Fees and Costs

1. Enrollment major and tuition schedule for 2012 (Unit: RMB)

In 2012, WHPU only enrolls foreign students of Chinese language and culture major and foreign students of all of majors aforesaid lectured in Chinese.

Note: Charge for exchange students shall comply with the exchange agreement between both parties.

2. Accommodation fee:Accommodation fee: RMB6000/student/year (double room), including expenses for necessary bedding and life articles, telephone, network and so on.

3. Living expenses:The monthly living expense for each student is about RMB1000 (only for reference).


WHPU will evaluate the application documents, and enroll the excellent applicants based on comprehensive conditions. WHPU will notify the student of the application progress within one month after receiving the complete application materials, send the admission notice and JW202/JW201 visa application form by the end of July.

Admission date1st -15th September (the check-in time shall comply with the admission notice).

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